“Future Design Center” Introduces University Course Based on Dubai’s Forward-Thinking Model

MENA Herald

February 14th 2017

The Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) launched the Future Design Center (FDC) at the fifth World Government Summit, that took place in Dubai’s Madinat Jumeirah on February 12-14, 2017.

The program is the fruit of a partnership with Oxford University’s Institute of Digital Archaeology (IDA) and in collaboration with Harvard University. It is a global strategic initiative, which serves to support the Foundation’s activities in fields such as future-related studies, 3D technology, and modern physics.


The gulf today

Gulf Today

February 13th 2017


Radio Canada

January 15th 2017

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the technology that will resurrect isis-destroyed antiquities


June 9th 2016

On October 5, 2015, the world watched in horror as Islamic State forces blew up the iconic 2,000 year-old Arch of Triumph in the ancient city of Palmyra, Syria. This carefully orchestrated act was the climax of a 10-month rampage of destruction and mass executions perpetrated by ISIS at the UNESCO World Heritage site. With Palmyra secured and a fragile Syrian truce in place, some news stories have given the impression that the worst wave of heritage destruction is over. 


palmyra's ancient triumphal arch resurrected in london's trafalgar square


April 19th 2016

The scale model of Palmyra's Triumphal Arch, which was destroyed in an act captured on an ISIS video, has been reconstructed using 3-D printing technology and photographs of the original. The new structure was built in Italy using Egyptian marble before being shipped to London. 


palmyra arch replica is unveiled in trafalgar square in london

The New York Times

April 19th 2016

LONDON - A landmark Roman arch that was destroyed by Islamic State fighters in Palmyra, Syria, stood proudly once again on Tuesday, this time as a replica built from digital models that was installed in Trafalgar Square in London. 


Hope for Palmyra's Future

Wall Street Journal

April 4th 2016

Triumphal Arch_1 (1).jpg

Palmyra was built with stone and mortar. It will be rebuilt with computers and drones.


After Palmyra, the Message to ISIS: What you destroy, we will rebuild

The Guardian

March 29th 2016

Screenshot 2017-01-24 17.22.23.png

The recapture of the Syrian desert city of Palmyra must lift the spirits of all who knew its former glory. But after the dust dies down, a new army arrives: that of archaeologists brandishing questions. How much of what has gone should be restored? By what means, and by whom? And where does Palmyra belong, to Syria or the world.